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By | January 16, 2020

sales Trainings are now an additional 40% off Rebecca Taylor with code WEARNOW, Overland shipping is free for all orders, or you spend over $ 350 on free 2-day shipping. The return shipping costs a flat rate of $ 8. In my closet: La Vie Merino rib sweater. Stretch texture dress, and Luxe Merino sweater, My choice:

How to Find Friends Online the Old-Fashioned Way (Buying Clothes Together) (The New York Times): "… Buy-Sell-Trade-Communities (are) part social club and part marketplace, the groups have appeared on Instagram and Facebook and have become an everyday place for some users to socialize and shop … Facebook and Instagram Communities can be one A real alternative to traditional retailers that not only delivers products but also friends to customers. "

Why fashion brands have such strange names today (The Wall Street Journal): “The labels used to be content with relying on the name of a founder… Instead of drawing a direct line from the name of a founder to the label of a shirt today, emerging brands seem to be determined to confuse us with names that are 99 % read: Suicoke, Come T-Shirts and Pink House Mustique … Given the almost unpredictable number of brands, most of the obvious names are taken. So you have to go through confusing ways to find something that is available. Before e-commerce and Instagram, exactly or exactly Even brands of the same name have existed side by side for decades without being mutually aware. Today, in the context of multi-brand online stores and social media platforms that catalog brands from around the world, the potential for a buyer to make these connections and a similar sound brand to take advantage of is more of a factor. "

Nobody wants your used clothes anymore (Bloomberg): “Fashion trends are accelerating, new clothing is becoming as cheap as used clothing, and poor countries are turning their backs on second-hand retail… The tide of second-hand clothing continues to grow, even if the markets in which it is reused disappear… The textile industry is already causing it more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined; If the recycling markets collapse, their contribution could increase. "

How far can abused women go to protect themselves? (The New Yorker): "During the two thousand, Alabama was one of the states where a woman was most likely to be murdered by a man. In 2011, Alabama stopped transmitting his murder information. But Georgia and Tennessee, its neighbors, are still in the top ten." In the past few decades, women's detention in the United States has increased twice as fast as that of men. Around 230,000 women are now detained. A 2004 study found that almost half of them stated that they had defended themselves or returned the favor after abuse. Stand Your Ground Defense was introduced in Alabama in 2004 in 2006, making it legal to use lethal force to defend yourself against threats or perceived threats without the obligation to withdraw. Thirty-three states now have such laws … according to F.B.I. Data, Stand Your Ground laws have actually helped both men and women to win justified murder defenses. But in some states, the laws have done little or nothing for women. A statistical analysis of Stand Your Ground cases in Florida … showed evidence of both racial and gender bias. The gender bias concerned cases that occurred on a suspect's property. The likelihood of convicting a male defendant in such a case was about forty percent; for a woman it was about eighty percent. The analysis suggests that Stand Your Ground works better for men than for women in domestic cases. Roman found that in Alabama, women were no longer subjected to a justified murder sentence between 2006, when the state's Stand Your Ground law was implemented, and 2010, when the state stopped reporting its data. "

In Silicon Valley, some men say that cosmetic surgery is essential for a career (The Washington Post): "… a plastic surgeon based in San Francisco … estimates that about 25 percent of his patients are men … the vast majority of them work in the technical field. Increasingly … they struggle with beauty standards that have long tormented women … there is little doubt that the changes are at least partly motivated by vanity. But … male technicians seem to be turning to plastic surgery for the more complex pressures … Under the pressure to keep up financially – and surrounded by an influx of creative young workers with new skills and talents – middle-aged technicians can plunge into a crisis. A culture obsessed with the future who celebrates youthful thinking with the same energy that Los Angeles or Miami celebrates youthful bodies. Today's technology is all about perfection, be it redefining retail, changing traditional transportation networks, initiating a crypto-banking revolution or ignoring the father for as long as possible. Because of this, in certain parts of Silicon Valley nowadays it is more than just a remnant of failure to look old by nature. "

The lonely burden of today's teenage girls (The Wall Street Journal): “Girls in 2019 tend to be risk averse, focus on their studies, and love their families. You also experience a high level of depression and loneliness. A 2019 Pew Research Center survey showed that 36% of girls are terrified every day. They are particularly concerned about school shootings, melting ice and their ability to afford college. Many girls report that their mothers are their best friends. But girls are not as self-sufficient today as their colleagues in previous decades: they are less likely to have driving licenses, to work outside the home or to work on a date … They are also more lonely. Research has shown that since 2007 – the beginning of the smartphone era – girls have drastically reduced the time they need to shop, meet friends, or go to the movies. We noticed that many girls spend their Saturday nights alone at home, watch Netflix, and surf social media. "

Real men don't borrow (The New York Times): "… Apart from prom or wedding suits, men don't rent – at least for the time being … Through clothes, people project their prosperity, status and work ethic. Men who get caught in clothes they don't own could jeopardize these predictions and their masculinity. The big landlords still see men as an undeveloped market, even if they are not quite sure how to deal with it. "

"It's more than a shoe, it's a sisterhood." (Vox): "… A common challenge for digital native direct-to-consumer brands: There are elements of the branch experience, e.g. B. trying on a shoe that will inevitably get lost online. For these, online communities can help close the gaps. "

The shocking rise and fall of Fashion Exec Olga Liriano, from shiny shoots to the folding of shirts (New York Post): : Today New York is littered with fashion veterans who can't go anywhere. The magazines are gone or shells of their former self and with them the need for fashion agents, bookers, photographers and designers. So much comes from Instagram and fast fashion. Fashion Week is no longer what it used to be. There are still few models that can spend a lot of money, but the industry has largely lost its glamor. "

Your gym outfit could be too boring (The Wall Street Journal): "… While athletes across the country still love high-performance, aesthetically unobtrusive looks by Lululemon and Nike, highly athletic styles by Balmain and Versace vie for our money. Women turn out to be receptive. "

♥ Save 20% Beauty or fragrance purchases at the Lord + Taylor with code BEAUTYand 20% off almost anything else with code TO SAVE, I would also recommend surfing the internet the shoe department as there is Dozens of check-in styles These items are extremely affordable (however, note that the additional 20% discount does not apply to these items). My choice: Aquatalia Ryann ankle strap suede and leather boots. Kurt Geiger London Burlington leather buckle pumps. Aquatalia Palmer Wedge Booties (still finished with black suede), Calvin Klein Freeda high leather boots. Circus by Sam Edelman Hanover over the knee boots, and Steven by Steve Madden Charly Wrap-Around Wedges,

Disinformation For Hire: How a New Generation of PR Companies Sells Lies Online (Buzzfeed): "… Since 2011, at least 27 online information processes have been partially or completely assigned to PR or marketing companies. Of these, 19 occurred in 2019 alone. The International Communications Consultancy Organization, an umbrella organization that represents PR trading groups around the world, has established ten principles known as the Helsinki Declaration. They demand that communication professionals "be aware of the power of social media and use it responsibly" and "never engage in the creation or knowing dissemination of fake news". While the legitimate PR industry is working to differentiate itself from these practitioners, platforms are finding it increasingly difficult to remove black PR from their ecosystems. "

How the VC pitch process makes women entrepreneurs fail (HBR): “In 2018, only 3% of U.S. venture capital went to companies with female CEOs. With a more data-driven approach to assessing the potential and profitability of a startup, VCs may see a portfolio with better performance and a portfolio with more female employees -founded companies … there is a strong gender bias in many different elements of the pitch process … using women often metrics to sell their story while men present the overall vision. VCs looking for extreme outperformers may be overwhelmed by the measured pitching style of women. "

Who killed the Knapp family? (The New York Times): “Suicides have the highest rate since World War II. Every seventh child lives with a parent who suffers from drug abuse. A baby is born every 15 minutes after being exposed to opioids before birth. Only in America has life expectancy dropped for the first time in a century in three years. Social problems, but we should be able to agree on what doesn't work: neglect and underinvestment in children. Here's what works. Vocational training and retraining give people dignity and an economic lifeline. Another successful strategy is to invest not only in prisons, but also in human capital to keep people out of prisons. "

You will probably never come to this restaurant (Eater): "… WS New York … is reserved for members who want to pay an entry fee of $ 15,000 and an annual subscription of $ 7,500 … WS New York is not the only place in New York where the most people are struggling to get a seat. There are more and more private restaurants across the city or restaurants where it is almost impossible to make a reservation. Exclusive restaurants with top chefs are becoming the most sought after amenities of luxury condos. "

What it really is like to be an Airbnb rental company (The Wall Street Journal): “It often takes an expensive renovation to make the house attractive to tenants, and then there are ongoing costs such as replenishing soaps and the hassle of doing the laundry. How much you can earn depends on a number of factors, including location, seasonality, and government regulations, which vary by location. And your margins often depend on how much of the work you prepare yourself and how much you give to employees like house cleaners. Hosting is not for everyone. If you know you can’t include customer service, short term rentals may not be for you. Even a bad review … can do serious damage when booking guests. "

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I wish you all a nice week!

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