Wear it in five ways: wide leg shorts

By | January 14, 2020

A series that I bring back (Or I hope to bring the year back and I tend to blog in seizures and beginnings.) in 2020 is "Wear it five ways, ”I used to like that before, but in recent years I have had trouble finding motivation and time for photos.

I thought I would start with a piece for which I received several requests: The wide-cut trousers, Due to the height of the ankle over which these pants are exposed, they are often considered to be warm weather goods. In the following, however, I will show you how to make them winterproof Fleece lined tights and medium or knee high boots,

The nice thing about the wide-cut pants (I like my pants with a high waist to achieve a longer leg line) is that they look just as chic 3 "-4" heels as it does with Loafers and mules, Just be careful when mixing and resist the urge to over-layer. Since shorts are effortless by nature, they can easily be worn a basic t-shirt and Low sneakersor disguised with a hidden blouse and high-heeled shoes.

For a smaller frame, I would suggest that you hold on to a waisted silhouette at the top to make up for the wide bottom edge (and find a pair that is slightly flared and not particularly wide).

For those who are in the market for new, wide-cut trousers, here are some options at different prices:

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