Weekly Sales Summary – Elle Blogs

—————————— AMAZON —————————— AMAZON: THE JOY OF COOKING The 2019 Kindle Edition by Joy of Cooking is currently only at $ 2.99 Amazon. This is a classic that is suitable for both beginners and cooking enthusiasts. —————————— LO & SONS —————————— LO & SONS: 49% OFF EVERYTHING WITH CODE SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS Citing a "dramatic drop in… Read More »

A suburban guide to social distancing

A guide to social distancing in the suburbs? Isn't life in a suburb already socially distant? Surprisingly, even suburbanites can go crazy if they're tied to the house. And as an introvert who practices some form of social distancing for most of her life, it's me Really I can distract myself well, so I feel… Read More »

Shawl collar wrap coat – Elle Blogs

By the end of today (03/18/2020) you will receive up to 70% discount Sales styles at the Ann Taylor when buying 3 or more items. Shipping is free for all orders. While Herringbone wrap coat Image here is only available in (very) limited sizes online, this is a fun sale to browse. Some cabinet favorites… Read More »