Weekly link summary: August 14, 2020

♥ One of my favorites Nordstrom Anniversay Sale Article is the FP Movement Moon Rising long sleeve shirt (Read more reviews Here), and it's starting to sell out before I can introduce it so I thought I'd hook it up again. It has a relaxed (and slightly cropped) fit and is most conveniently worn over… Read More »

Try on Abercrombie & Fitch Summer 2020

I plan to share at least one try-on post every other week and I hope that by conveying my intentions here I will be held accountable. Since many of these purchases were made (much) earlier this year, I will note their availability at the time of publication. All of the styles listed below were keepers.… Read More »

Weekly Link Summary: August 7, 2020

♥ Now listen: Nice white parents;; It's a five-part series (the third episode aired this week) – about how class and race privileges have contributed to the difference in academic outcomes between mostly white and mostly BIPOC schools – by Serial Productions (that was ) were created Acquired by the New York Times earlier this… Read More »